MakerBot Rewinds With Re-Release of 3D Printed Mixtape

06.11.14 | By
MakerBot Rewinds With Re-Release of 3D Printed Mixtape

It was two years ago when MakerBot previewed the possibilities of personal 3D printers, delivered in the nostalgic form of a “press record+play” icon: the mixtape. The MakerBot Mixtape proved not only to be one of their first items and downloadable 3D design kits, but also became one of the company’s most popular pre-printed designs.


Taking a cue from the music industries’ propensity for reissues and repackaging albums, the MakerBot Mixtape is being re-released for anyone who missed the limited first run back in 2012 and for those without their own 3D printer today. The new MakerBot Mixtape has been updated inside and out, with an improved user interface with easier drag and drop options, twice as much internal storage (increased from 2GB to 4GB), and most noticeably, new brightly colored casing combinations. The faux audio cassette shaped MP3 player is even formatted to store 3D printing STL files for future 3D modeling projects doubling as a storage device.


For now the MakerBot Mixtape is an exclusive release, only available at MakerBot retail locations in New York, Boston, and Greenwich, Connecticut for $40. That said, we’re holding out for 3D printed vinyl records to become a similar 3D printer option one day for full audiophile nostalgic effect.

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