MASQUERADE: A Surreal Photography Studio in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone

03.23.20 | By
MASQUERADE: A Surreal Photography Studio in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone

A new photography studio designed by 123 architects now occupies a former industrial building near Beijing’s 798 Art Zone. The two-story building was completely converted to a mixed use space that includes a functional photography studio, along with a social gathering space for special guests and events. The studio’s name, Masquerade, references the drastic changes made to the original architecture, which include a futuristic silver brick façade that peels away from the initial surface.

Bold arched cut-outs throughout the interior reference classical architecture and the building’s original design while taking on new meaning next to flowing, organic shapes. The contrast of the building’s history with its new design details creates a surreal, futuristic environment.

Stark white walls command the photo studio, while pops of coral and sea-foam green in the entrance and lounge areas provide moments of relief. The photo studio is a double-height space that connects with other rooms through the arched cut-outs. A balcony overlooks the studio from the second floor, which is dedicated to a lounge and workspace.

Throughout the entire facility, special design details give the futuristic space a human touch – lighting that dots the walls in the dressing room, star-shaped pendants hanging from the ceiling, cloud-like furnishings, disco balls, and an installation of convex traffic mirrors, to name a few.

Photos by Jin Weiqi.

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