Maximizing Space in a Narrow Home by elips design

Located in London, this narrow home is a new design from London-based elips design. I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that maximizing a space is most important, and rather than expand, you can probably work with what you already have.

I love that rug and also the way that they carried the flooring up the wall and onto the ceiling.

That glass sunroom area seems like the perfect place to read.

This concrete shower is pretty awesome but the addition of the lighting strips makes it.

Because of the glass ceiling and mirrored doors, the exterior walls seems to disappear.

From the architects:

The proposed project aims to enhance the amount of natural light by investigating levels of transparency both vertical and horizontally, through a play of reflections and perspectives. That is the reason why we choose to build an extension in complete glass, and we used stainless steel for the structure in order to have the reflection of the green around. The depth of the building should generate a visual connectivity between the living space and the external landscaping, whilst maximising transparency and natural daylight. The choice Open space, creating a sequence of distinct functional areas where it is dismantled the concept of “room” for a context of spatial fluidity. The service areas including toilet and laundry cupboard are all together. The dining area is planned in the basement, along with the kitchen area, while the ground floor is dedicated to the living room and a library room. The creation of a core services behind the kitchen frees up the stairs by expanding existing wardrobes across wide spaces and create a space for living adjacent to the well-being. The bedrooms, on the three floors below, want to maximise the spaces with furniture bespoke and want to create contemporary but cozy rooms.

Interior client consultant: Giusi Zane
Photography: Carlo Carossio

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