The MAZZU Mattress Springs Back Into Action One Coil at a Time

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The MAZZU Mattress Springs Back Into Action One Coil at a Time

The innersprings and foam layers within our mattresses will eventually stop springing back to form, meaning one day you’re going to have to buy a new mattress. And according to industry reports, 16.8 million mattresses are sold every year in the United States alone. But what if you could simply remove the depressed section and replace it with a new set of innersprings instead of replacing the entire mattress? Or when you want to upgrade from a queen size to a king size, you could just add more spring modules to expand your layout? The MAZZU mattress designed by LAYER allows sleepers to spring back into action in either case, one coil at a time.

Exploded view of the MAZZU modular mattress systems four layers of coils and supports.

Launched in January at IMM Cologne in Germany, startup sleep brand MAZZU’s innovative bedroom furniture, designed by LAYER, is a modular, expandable, and repairable pocket springs system unlike any other mattress on the market. Individually wrapped coils are snapped together into one continuous supportive surface and then sandwiched between a base layer and cushion topper into one continuous expanse of support.

Exploded view of the MAZZU modular mattress system's hourglass-shaped inner spring coils.

A small section of connected fabric wrapped hourglass shaped inner springs, alongside two modules unattached.

Available in three different tensions – Firm, Medium, and Soft – LAYER reimagined the traditional coil into an elegant hour-glass spring wrapped in a seamless two-tone, 3D-knit textile.

MAZZU’s modular design also means a couple can fine tune each side of the bed with varying levels of firmness on a coil-by-coil basis. If one person prefers to sleep on their side, and the other on their back, a MAZZU mattress can be customized to suit those preferences during the ordering process, with the option to change out the springs any time.

Graphic illustrating how the MAZZU modular mattress system's arrangement of fabric wrapped hourglass shaped inner springs can be customized for different bed sizes and also sleep position preferences.

Additional modules can also be connected to upgrade the mattress to a larger size when desired. And in the eventuality a section of springs begin to look and feel worse for wear, they can be removed and replaced without discarding the entire mattress.

The modular construction makes the MAZZU an adaptive option for guests, easily resized for 1 or 2 sleepers by adding or subtracting modules. Extra coils can be stored away easily in a LAYER-designed storage package.

Close up of green MAZZU modular mattress made up of a system of fabric wrapped hourglass shaped inner springs positioned in a stacked column layout, with sheets placed over it.

The MAZZU is a mattress is made with organic wool, recycled polyester, natural late,x and recyclable polymer, completely polyurethane foam-free, eliminating a large source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

“We’ve been working with MAZZU for the last three years, and have been so impressed with their commitment to driving a groundbreaking, sustainable system for sleep,” says LAYER founder, Benjamin Hubert. “The bedding industry needs step changes in the way it thinks about delivering high-performance products whilst being mindful of the planet and MAZZU are leading the way in contributing to that dialogue.”

Green MAZZU modular mattress made up of a system of fabric wrapped hourglass shaped inner springs positioned in a stacked column layout.

Foam mattresses have sold well partly because they’re much easier to ship than traditional mattresses. LAYER designed each of the MAZZU’s spring modules to compress from 250 mm to just 50 mm, allowing for efficient shipping and convenient storage with an included reusable packaging system.

The MAZZU website is currently a work in progress, but additional information about the mattress system’s features are available at

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