Meirav Barzilay
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Tel Aviv-based Meirav Barzilay graduated with a Bachelor of Design from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in 2008. She sent me two of her graduation works, which both touch on the idea of aging. She says of her design aesthetic: “I enjoy exploring various materials, such as fabric and metal and finding different ways to use them. My design is inspired by traditional crafts on the one hand and serial-production on the other, constantly striving to mix the two, test the borders of design and find new ways of looking at things.”

Comb Over
Comb Over is a felt carpet that was inspired by the comb-over hairdo commonly used by balding men. The carpet demonstrates how beauty can be found in the blemishes of old age, which we usually try to conceal. The carpet generates various possible usages, such as covering yourself with the long strands or making a “ball” out of them to rest your head.

Goldenage Vase
The Goldenage Vase is a ceramic vase inspired by the loss of skin elasticity in old age. The vases are first created in slip cast molds and are then manipulated manually, which results in very similar vases, but yet never identical. The form of the vases resembles sagging skin in old age, they are decorated by two different prints, which complement each other.

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