Mia Karlova Galerie Takes Part in GLUE With Design Dilemma

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Mia Karlova Galerie Takes Part in GLUE With Design Dilemma

For its first foray into participating in GLUE Amsterdam’s four-day design celebration, Mia Karlova Galerie opens its multi-designer Design Dilemma exhibition. While the festival runs September 16-19, Design Dilemma will continue on through October 24th. The exhibit showcases new artworks by Vadim Kibardin, Femke van Gemert, Anton Brunberg and Teun Zwets as they dive into challenges that face today’s designers. Namely reuse.

Design Dilemma posed three questions to the four international designers. Should designers bear some responsibility for their impact on the environment? How should designers reconcile the desire to create with the responsibility of overloading the planet with new works? Should designers use alternative, sustainable materials or adopt circular design entirely?

Gallery owner Mia Karlova said, “We live in a world of over-production, over-consumption and heavy traveling. We have been engaged in fast fashion for decades; we are increasingly realizing this and starting to recognize the necessity of changing our habits.” The works they’ve created for Design Dilemma are their answers.

three stacked collaged stools and one lone stool in interior space

Totem Stools by Vadim Kibardin

You might consider Vadim Kibardin a sort of pioneer of circular design, using everyday packaging as his construction material. Paper and cardboard waste are his sculptural medium. His Totem stools and a one-off exclusive for Design Dilemma, Dolly chair, will make their debut at the show.

colorful textile art and functional objects displayed on wall and floor

Triptych by Femke van Gemert, Totem Stools by Vadim Kibardin

colorful layered and collaged chair in light interior space

Yellow Dolly Chair by Vadim Kibardin

colorful collaged stool on white background

Totem Bench No.1 by Vadim Kibardin

colorful collaged stool on white background

Totem Bench No.1 by Vadim Kibardin

brown textile art hanging on white wall

Earthly Part I by Femke van Gemert

Dutch artist Femke van Gemert has created four pieces, all made with reused materials such as textile surplus, leftover paint and plastic waste. Her triptych Diggin’ the Dirt, Mouldy Magic & Heating Up speaks to our relationship with social media, while Earthly Part 1 and Land & Water II celebrate the resilience of nature and its renewal. An in-situ installation titled Anthroposcenic constructed from found debris and clothing remnants invites viewers to reflect on how humans have impacted Earth’s ecosystem.

wooden sculpture displayed in dark space

Pallet Thief by Anton Brunberg

Swedish design Anton Brunberg has reimagined his acclaimed Pallet Thief piece for the Design Dilemma show, using only salvaged wooden pallets. The easily accessible, utilitarian material is given a new lease on life and an elevated purpose.

dark wood cabinet on white background

Beam Cabinet by Teun Zwets

Teun Zwets, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, focuses on the idea of usability and questioning our throwaway culture. Made from reclaimed floors, his Beam cabinet features a geometric sculptural facade for a prime example of circular design where waste is given value.

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