Middle Ages to Modern: Ichiro Suzuki’s Menswear Collection

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Middle Ages to Modern: Ichiro Suzuki’s Menswear Collection

When Japanese-born menswear designer Ichiro Suzuki set out to design a new collection, he stuck with what he does best. Based in London, his major influences are rooted in traditional British bespoke tailoring with a twist that makes them eccentric, modern, and breathtakingly original.


In 2012 Ichiro Suzuki entered the International Talent Support (ITS) Competition with collections, leading him to win the Fashion Collection of the Year. The budding designer’s latest collection, The Devil’s Cloth: The Invisible Becomes Visible, was shown just last year. Author Michel Pastoureau’s book Devil’s Cloth inspired the imaginative collection.



Ichiro Suzuki explores the history and link between patterned, spotted, and striped clothes, and the idea of diversity in the Middle Ages. These types of garments were often seen in a negative light, going as far as to call a person in stripes a traitor. With this collection, Suzuki aims to re-interpret and analyze public discourse and attitudes toward fashion from both the middle ages and today.



Instead of playing it safe, Suzuki incorporated bold colors, and even mixed and matched fabrics, patterns, cuts, and ultimately ideas to make the ultimate statement.


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