mitr. Debuts Momento: A Collaboration with 6 Designers

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mitr. Debuts Momento: A Collaboration with 6 Designers
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mitr., which is short for Make It Rawr, is a group of young designers based in Thailand that are exploring modern design. They recently debuted Momento, a collection that is about designing an object around a person or event, and the memory that’s left behind. Momento is purposefully misspelled, and seeks to ask, “How can we push the boundary of ordinary product to the new design approach?” As a result, each designer dived deep into their own memories and experiences to inspire a product. Though the product starts with no clear typology or definition, it eventually forms as the maker translates the questions and intuitions of possibilities into a physical object.

PUMP, by Napat Pongpanatnukul, was inspired by the idea of inflating bike tires, but turning it into a way to adjust coffee table. It has the same major design elements of a bike pump, but is elevated with marble-like material to make it a design element for the home.

FURL, by Lalitpat Limroongruang, explores the juxtaposition of rolling and pulling. As a result, Furl is a two part product — a bench for indoor seating that can be unrolled to 3 meters, and a small furl attached to the wall that serves as an armrest.

FRAME, by Ath Supornchai, is inspired by the cozy corners found in a cafe. Frame repurposes the idea of having a temporary private space in a public area, where one can enjoy their coffee while people watching.

ON THE TABLE, by Nuttiya Ratchtrachenchai, combines the functionality of traditional Thai flatware together. The set has three individual pieces that interact with each other to become both decoration, and organizational tools for many spaces.

AKAT AMNUAI, designed by Sarita Kongsungnoen, was inspired by the reflection of lights shining on the water of a swimming pool. As a result, Sarita used a light, cotton fabric to create a glimmering piece of woven decor that blends and twists.

KNOB, by Phonpisit Pongpitaya, is a simple set of wall hooks for hanging. However, it is also meant to enhance the touch sensation, so it comes in different materials and sizes to create a tactile experience.

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