Modern Camping and Hiking Lanterns by Snow Peak

I’ll be honest – I’m not a camping person. I enjoy short hikes in the daylight, so a hiking and camping lantern isn’t something I’d actually use camping or hiking, but these lights from Snow Peak are cute and modern enough that I’d surely put them in my backyard or use them around the house. Especially when my dog goes out at night and I have to hunt around in the dark to find – er – well, you know.

This is their new Lapel Torch – it has hands-free lighting by using a simple magnetic clip to attach to your jacket, shirt or shoulder strap. The light can be tilted and turned to focus its beam in any direction desired. Perfect for hiking, fishing, or just taking a nighttime walk.

Hozuki Lantern
Hozuki is a plant that inspired the original design for the ancient Chinese paper lantern. The Hozuki lantern is a modern version of the Chinese paper lantern adapted for outdoor use that gives you functional lighting as well as the ambience of candle light (but won’t burn down your tent!).

Mini Hozuki
This little cutie is a hand-held tabletop version of the Hozuki lantern that you can take with you on a hike. You can also change it to candle mode, for a more romantic outdoor experience. Valentine’s day picnic in the dark, anyone?

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