Modern Custom Dog Tags from Lovely Pup Tags

I’m gonna hit you with an important PSA real quick. A couple of months ago I was putting new rabies tags on my dogs’ collars when I noticed that the little metal rings holding their tags onto their collars were worn almost completely through. Likewise, the engraving on their ID tags was worn practically illegible in some spots due to the constant rubbing of the tags against each other. All this is to say it’s important to check your dogs’ ID tags from time to time, because an unreadable tag, or one that falls of completely, isn’t of much use to anyone. If you’re in the market for a new tag for your pup’s collar and want something a little more stylish than the normal bone and football shapes available at your local pet supply store, check out these cool modern options from Lovely Pup Tags. I love their classy simplicity and readability, as well as the options of aluminum, brass, or copper. They’re customizable, of course, with a name and up to two phone numbers or other short message. Check them out at Lovely Pup Tags.

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