Modern Home Accessories in PANTONE Colors That Endure + Spark Creativity

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Modern Home Accessories in PANTONE Colors That Endure + Spark Creativity

We all know the world looks to the PANTONE Color Institute when it’s time to spot color trends for all areas of the design arena, and a most notable favorite, for their Color of the Year announcements. Thinking about color, we perused their website to see what interesting color palettes they’d recently put together. We immediately spotted the Colors We Love, Colors That Endure color palette, which features eight colors that are versatile and fluid, and less about what season or gender they’re for. These colors can be considered new classics but classics that stand out through time and ones we connect with emotionally. Take a look at 8 modern home accessories, inspired by these uplifting colors, that can easily update your favorite space.

Colors We Love, Colors That Endure palette

>>> Capsule Sand Placemat by Slash Objects
Change up your placemats for a new look with these that are made from recycled rubber, which means they’re easy to clean with just soapy water. The sand color is the perfect neutral allowing your dishes and food to standout.

>>> Dome Eros Planter in Neptune by Capra Designs
This handmade domed planter is the perfect home for arid plants as its base is actually a drip tray so your plant will drain properly. The rich blue will complement any greenery you choose to add.

>>> 5″ Concrete Terrazzo Catch-Alls in Coral by Pretti.Cool
Small dishes make great spots to contain all of those small things that seem to end up everywhere, from paper clips to earrings and rings to your keys. This concrete catch-all features recycled glass in the mix making for a bold coral color that will pop on any surface.

>>> Louise Dusk Throw by Minna Goods
A cozy, 100% cotton throw made in the ideal medium weight that’s perfect for lounging around on the sofa. Handwoven in Peru, the ethically made throw is also an extra cozy charcoal grey color with an eye-catching grid pattern.

>>> Evolve I Pillow by SSEN
Since each pillow is uniquely made, each one is a little bit different using natural materials to achieve the subtle color and texture. This lavender slash mauve color is both soothing and fresh making for a welcome addition to any bed or sofa.

>>> CH24 Wishbone Soft Red Chair by Carl Hansen & Son
The iconic Wishbone Chair was designed in 1949 and has been a hit ever since with its signature Y-shaped back which gave the chair its name. Back in April, the Danish brand launched the chair in five new, limited-edition, matte colors as part of the Soft Colors collection to benefit the Be Original Americas’ Student Fellowship Program. We’re particularly fond of this brick red color for those looking for something different than black or white chairs.

>>> Curve Lumbar Pillow in Mustard by Anchal Project
If you’re one of those people that associates patchwork and embroidery design with the older generations, you need to check out Anchal Project. They’ve updated these age-old techniques to create modern textiles, like this hand stitched pillow in soft organic cotton in a golden mustard paired with cream.

>>> Crosses Green 7″ Vase by Holmegaard
This hand-blown vase does away with the traditional cylindrical vase shape and designed it in the shape of a cross or plus sign. The Danish design comes in a beautiful green tint that just feels like summer.

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