Moleskine Instantly Transforms the Hand Drawn into Adobe Illustrator Digital Art

03.21.19 | By
Moleskine Instantly Transforms the Hand Drawn into Adobe Illustrator Digital Art

It’s becoming increasingly archaic, but the pen and paper remain my preferred manner for taking notes. Amongst a sea of others pecking away at their phones or laptops at press events, my pen continues to lilt across paper like a seismograph – a habit that helps me retain not only what I’ve heard, but also what I saw in the form of quick sketches. Studies have found taking notes by hand requires the brain to operate more selectively, “because you can’t write as fast as you can type“, resulting in more lasting imprint. But of course, a notebook requires the extra step of conversion to transform pen drawings into digital assets. With the Moleskine Paper Tablet – Creative Cloud Connected, there’s no longer any compromise with staying true to your sketching heart.

The second collaboration between Moleskine and Adobe takes on the form of a new notebook designed to allow users to link any drawing created on paper easily to Adobe Illustrator CC, where a quick sketch can then be edited, colored, refined, organized and even shared in different file formats. The process does require the Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse (shown in the video below) to access this feature; tapping a symbol located on the corner of the notebook page triggers the link between paper and Adobe Illustrator (or a save onto Adobe Creative Cloud).

For graphic designers, visual artists and illustrators who already live in Adobe Illustrator, this old school piece of stationery upgraded with new school technology helps free the digital creative process from one being constrained to the screen and back to the liberating platform of paper.

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