Fashionable 80s-Inspired Photo Gear Is Having a Moment

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Fashionable 80s-Inspired Photo Gear Is Having a Moment

Long Weekend’s name says it all – those carefree days spent on road trips enjoying life’s small pleasures, all captured on camera to remember fondly long after a return home. Founded by photographers Willem Verbeeck and Allison Simon in 2021, the brand’s evocations of wanderlust-turned-photographic-memory made them the perfect collaborators for the gear brand Moment.

Long Weekend Beacon Tote with extended bright blue shoulder straps staged with a dark blue background behind it

The collection of weatherproof travel gear is constructed from recycled nylon and ripstop material, and fashioned with an aesthetic clearly aimed at a generation of photographers with an eye for details beyond storage and functionality.

Man pulling an instant film camera from a Long Weekend camera carrying case, with another matching sling stretched diagonally across his torso.

That’s not to say Long Weekend gear doesn’t feature both across the brand’s array of slings, backpacks, pouches, totes, and shoulder bags. But what makes them most memorable is the degree of fun fashionability expressed through a late 80s and early 90s-tinged combination of grid patterns, bright contrast zippers, and contrast logo badging that would look natural set beside a Trapper Keeper.

Woman in white button up long sleeve shirt pulling out a Padded Camera Wrap from her Long Weekend sling with warm sunset light across her torso.

In stark contrast to traditionally inconspicuous photography carry gear, Long Weekend’s pieces, like their Monterey Sling, is meant to be noticed.

Long Weekend Camera Line bag set on ragged mountainside rock overlooking a clouded and sunset tinged landscape below.

Three Point and Shoot Camera Pouches lined up, one in creme multicolored version, another in cosmic purple, and an all black version.

With many drawn to the allure of the analog era (or at least the physical), Long Weekend’s most recent announcement is the impending arrival of a 35mm Film Camera. Made of lightweight ABS plastic camera, the offering brings flashbacks of Lomography and seems attuned to the popularity of pre-smartphone, pocket-sized cameras coveted for their nostalgic images.

Side by side images of the Long Weekend Morro Convertible Backpack and matching Morro Camera Cube both in gridded black color way. Camera Cube is unzipped to show camera gear contents.

The camera is joined by the Long Weekend Morro Convertible Backpack (with a carrying capacity large enough for a 16” laptop), a matching Morro Camera Cube, and a trio of small, medium, and large sized Everyday Zip Pouches.

Small, medium and large Long Weekend Everyday Zip Pouches interlinked by carabiner clip being and held up outside with rolling hills and blue skies in the background.

Long Weekend sling in creme, red zipper and grid blue pouch combination.

Long Weekend 18L Beacon Tote bag set across tall grass

Long Weekend's entire collection of photography gear carry bags totes, squares, and 35mm film camera

Young man in red hooded sweatshirt and woman in white button up long sleeve shirt each wearing a sling carrying case, him across his torso, her across her waist.

The entire Long Weekend Camera Line, starting at $15, is available for order via Moment’s Long Weekend page.

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