Mon Oncle Portable BBQ Grill by RS Barcelona

Spanish design company RS Barcelona is known for taking essential accessories and furniture and transforming them into reborn modern objects that add extra utility to the form.


Mon Oncle, their newest piece, reinterprets the concept of the barbecue grill, but shrinks, gives it a fresh paint job, and a modern aesthetic that maintains the character and vintage appeal. RS Barcelona adds fabric and leather straps, and a cover to make it into a small briefcase.


It’s definitely a very useful and fun piece that’s worth bringing out at the beach or a nice day in the park. It’s also easy and quick to dismantle, clean, and store when you’re finished.


Mon Oncle is perforated with tiny holes that allow air to flow easily, making it more powerful without overheating. Try using it with coconut shell charcoal to show the planet how much you care. Mon Oncle comes in gray, green, and blue.


Kyle Troutman has always been intrigued by fashion, design, auto and tech. So, instead of becoming a designer, editing and following trends became his passion.