Monochromatism at the Redstone Hotel in Riga, Latvia

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Monochromatism at the Redstone Hotel in Riga, Latvia

In the old town of Riga, Latvia, the new Redstone Hotel has recently opened its doors. Designed by ANNVIL Interior Architecture, the boutique hotel has taken on a very interesting design choice in which each of the top four floors containing the 11 guest rooms are all designed in a monochromatic color scheme.

The hotel’s restaurant, the St. Petrus, serves modern Latvian cuisine and is located on the first two floors. After that, there are no textures and no shapes. The third floor takes on the color of the Baltic sea. The fourth floor is tickled in English pink. The fifth floor is a minimalistic milky white. Finally, the sixth floor uses tones of a blue lagoon.

The idea of the monochromatic floors was conceived because the hotel wanted to highlight the most important thing in the room: the guest! Also, because each room itself is monochromatic in design, the subtle nuances of the furniture pops from the background that much more. Walls and furniture, meaning form and materiality, seem to blend together. What’s left are the highlights of the room, whether it’d be a mirrored coffee table, a marble countertop, or a modern lamp.

What: The Redstone Hotel
Where: 11 Skarnu Street, Riga, Latvia LV1050
How much? Rooms start at approximately $108 per night.
Design draw: The top four floors of the hotel take on a monochromatic design, where walls and furniture blend in together because of the tones and colors of the room so that the most important thing in the room – the guest! – can stand out.
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Photos by Ansis Starks.

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