MOS Reach: A Flexible Power Solution For Tight Spaces

06.30.14 | By
MOS Reach: A Flexible Power Solution For Tight Spaces

It’s ironic something so old as the power outlet has become so important…a necessity…in this era of digital devices. But how many of us are regularly caught crouching, reaching under or around furniture (especially bedside), or crawling around to find a free outlet? Our devices have evolved, but the design of power outlets is now only beginning to change to match the needs of our continual plug+charge habits.


The MOS Reach is an evolutionary upgrade to the traditional wall outlet, an extension outlet with flexible placement capability, and a design recognizing “how” and “where” we reach to recharge digital devices can be cumbersome. Specifically, the Reach is designed to be used with hard to reach outlets hidden in tight quarters behind couches, desks, entertainment centers, nightstands, and other larger pieces of furniture.


A slim 90 degree angle power plug reduces the protrusion from the outlet, and the option to place the MOS Reach on both flat and vertical surfaces using either AirStick micro-suction tape or removable adhesive tape makes the design seem ideal for nightstand duty, a place where many of us leave our phones to charge overnight. A hidden, but ingenious cable cluttering busting feature: the inclusion of Neodymium magnets inside the Reach’s outlet casing, which means users can neatly magnetically stick USB and Lightning cables while unplugged instead of fallen onto the floor.

The compact and fairly unobtrusive design offers a single 3-prong electrical outlet with the addition of two USB 5V 3.1A ports capable of charging an iPad. Though not a replacement for a true surge protector, the Reach does offer a modest 175 Joule surge protection, and the 3-foot power cable means it can extend over and around corners both at home and for travel needs (imagine, one airport electrical outlet turns into two USB ports to share and one for the laptop). MOS designer Andrew Adams also notes their team made the more expensive decision to encase the Reach using ABS/Polycarbonate combination for the head unit — the same polymer most commonly used in the automobile industry – for both durability and feel.



The MOS Reach will be available for $25 for early bird Kickstarter investors, in either black or white finish, then eventually offered for $30 once production ramps up with full funding. Further details of the project available here.

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