Mountains + Mid-Century Modern: MARKZEFF’s Balances Both at the Mountain Shadows Resort in Arizona

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Mountains + Mid-Century Modern: MARKZEFF’s Balances Both at the Mountain Shadows Resort in Arizona

To be able to balance nature and mid-century modern design and to do it seamlessly, without jarring breaks or interruptions from one realm to the other, is not an easy feat but interior design firm MARKZEFF has done it successfully in designing the interiors of the Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Designer Mark Zeff and the team at his eponymous firm created a ‘60s era aesthetic that pairs surprisingly but exceptionally well with beauty of the mountainous region.

Zeff balances nature and modern design in a way that feels natural, relaxed and inviting. The colors, textures, and materials chosen for the space reflect the outdoors like a natural continuation of landscape.

Moments of jewel-toned cobalts, teals and blues punctuate the space, adding a pop of color to the otherwise natural color palette.

Zeff’s affinity for mid-century modern design can be seen in the use of teak wood furnishings and accents.

The resort’s two pools and 18-hole golf course allow guests to take in the majestic mountain silhouettes.

The hotel’s 183 guest rooms and luxury wing with 42 condominiums and suites feature large, expansive windows that provide clear views into the landscape while illuminating the room’s clean and minimalist interiors. Speaking to the design, Zeff explains,

The mountains gave form to a lot of my creative process, and sparked my idea to keep the interiors simple and modern. That way, one can appreciate the views in a relaxed environment.

What: Mountain Shadows Resort & Club
Where: 5445 E Lincoln Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85253
How much? Rooms start at approximately $220 per night.
Highlights: This resort and club offer guests a way to experience the mountainous beauty of the landscape in a relaxed and contemporary environment.
Design draw: Nature, mid-century modern design, and a ’60s era aesthetic are all well-balanced in the hotel’s clean interiors designed by New York-based design firm MARKZEFF.
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