My Holiday Wishlist: Eleanor
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We don’t do gift guides here on Design Milk because, well, everyone does them. We like to be different. So we decided to go in another direction this year. Since our staff is getting larger, we thought it would be fun to ask each person what was on their wishlist this holiday season. So, every day for next 2 weeks we’ll feature a staff wishlist.

Part practical, part pipe dream, here are the five items on my holiday wishlist:

1. Leica Digital Camera
My parents always carried big bulky bulletproof 35mm shooters on our travels, whether it be to the beach down the street, or across country destinations. It might be nostalgia that makes me drool over the M9, but nostalgia has purchased me far less cool merchandise in the past.

2. Kindle
The latest edition of the Kindle has gone global, and I want it. I did contemplate the Barnes & Noble Nook, which looks pretty appealing; alas, I had a poor customer service experience with them once and vowed never to shop there again. If I’ve learned anything from that traditional paper and pulp, its principles.

3. Dita Eyeglasses
I have something like, better than 20/20 vision, but since transitioning from a wannabe-popular to an overt nerd, I’ve been told I have a face for glasses. I even head to the optometrist twice a year in hopes there’s a clouding of my vision that I just haven’t caught on to yet. If I were in the market, I’d lay down a few bones for these babies in Burnt Brown or Honey Tortoise.

4. A Tattoo
I’ve never taken the plunge, but I think about it so often that it feels as though I should just get it over with. There’s something to be said for the badassery that is a full-sleeve on a fully-feminine lady. Image source: Inked

5. Coast Outta Brooklyn Bike
The other day I walked into my living room and noticed a stock pile of five bicycles, not one of them belonging to be. This is startling because I live with two other people. Although I won’t be able to purchase a custom frame anytime soon, when I have the dough it’s going to Coast Outta Brooklyn, in a borough I rarely want to leave.