Naked Decor
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After the death of his beloved dog Pica, Thai designer Supon Phornirunlit decided to honor his companion in the best way he knew how: by developing a line of pet portraits targeted to other pet lovers. His line of “pooch decor” portraits won Supon several design awards and was an immediate success with pet and design lovers alike. Since this initial launch, Supon has expanded his line of pet decor merchandise into an elegant and delightful collection of home products under the brand Naked Decor.

Supon’s obvious affinity for dachshunds makes Naked Decor a go-to shopping destination for “wiener dog” lovers. Although I’m not a dachshund owner myself, I can certainly see this gorgeous dachshund lamp in my home as a bit of added humor to my living space. There is just something about dachshunds that always makes me laugh!

For lovers of little breeds, Naked Decor also offers double-sided silk-screened Boston Terrier, West Highland Terrier, and Papillon pillows. The simple black and white silhouettes make these pillows an elegant yet whimsical touch to any modern doggy-loving home.

Simple shapes and classic colors make Naked Decor’s collection a modern dog lover’s dream. Supon’s sophisticated approach to doggy decor takes would-be kitsch merchandise to a stylish level. Just take a look how well Supon’s design works in his own chic and modern home below. Fabulous!