Navette Marries Coded Art With Traditional Craftsmanship

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Navette Marries Coded Art With Traditional Craftsmanship

This is the future, a juxtaposition of virtual and reality. Art Blocks, TRAME, and Crypto Packaged Goods (CPG) have partnered with French artist Alexis André to create Navette, a series of 200 on-chain generative artworks (NFTs) and accompanying loom-woven tapestries. The first-of-its-kind generative art project unites 3D printing and textile craftsmanship to create uniquely coded digital outputs with complimentary physical artworks.

woven tapestry on display

On March 2, 2023, Navette will be released via auction through Art Blocks Engine’s blockchain technology alongside a collector buying experience created by CPG. The generative code will be fed into Néolice’s digital loom, which will output eight, one-of-a-kind, large-scale physical tapestries that will then be claimable by owners of the original digital artworks. A redeemable token will be airdropped to the first six minters to claim their tapestry, with two others randomly distributed to collectors of the remaining 194 artworks.

a light-skinned hand points to a predominantly purple design on a laptop screen

Navette is the first collaboration between Art Blocks, TRAME, and CPG in an ongoing series titled “Craft Nouveau” that pushes the boundaries of generative art and traditional textiles. The series will bring together artists, creative code, and crafted collectibles, marking the possibilities that lie at the intersection of classical and futuristic.

woven tapestry on display

a laptop with a predominantly blue design on it with two spools of thread sitting in the foreground

various colors of spooled thread

colorful tapestry being woven on a loom

woven tapestry on display

detail of woven tapestry on display

a light-skinned man wearing glasses, dark pants, and a light shirt posing for a portrait

Alexis André

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