Neera Is a Minimalist Task Chair Suitable for Home Environments

02.25.21 | By
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Working from home continues to be the norm for the foreseeable future, and while many of us have made peace with our make-shift home offices, there can always be room for improvement when it comes to function and aesthetics for our most hard-working (no pun intended) home furniture. As for the office chair, we’re either relegated to the couch, the bar stool, the dining chair, or an actual task chair that probably looks jarring in looks when placed in the backdrop of a home (and especially a home without an office). Enter, Neera, a chair designed by Silvia Barile that fulfills the ergonomic duties of a task chair but looks suitable for the home environment.

The key feature of the Neera is the tilting backrest that operates using a weight balance system. When pushed by the body, the backrest tilts due to the specifically designed metal pins that allow the backrest to lay on the chair’s back legs.

Other features that distinguish the Neera from conventional and complex task chairs is its sinuous shapes, designed to evoke a sense of lightness and simplicity. The backrest and seat, characterized by their pronounced bends and curves, seem to detach from the main structure of the Neera.

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