New from Alchemy Design Studio

Alchemy Design Studio is launching a new furniture collection on June 4th during the opening of its third showroom in Designopolis. While the future holds other collections for dining and bedroom living, the current one is for “living spaces.” Here’s a peek at the collection:

Infinity Kato Sofa by Karim Mekhtigian
An elegantly large sofa, the Infinity Kato is named after fellow designer Risa Kato. Its defining characteristic is the curve it possesses. Perfect for a spacious living room, the sofa spreads itself out in an enticing way. The nature of the curve creates a focal point, drawing people to its center for a cozy and intimate environment. Accompanied with a table, that shares its curvy design, the purity of its lines makes it an easy companion when selected for a space.

Dantella Chair Karim Mekhtigian
Meaning “lace” in Arabic, the Dantella chair uses the airiness and delicacy of the fabric as an inspiration. Made out of gold metal sheets and adorned with cutouts of a decorative pattern, the chair holds a contrast within itself. While rich in pattern, a filtering effect is seen as a result of the penetration of light through the gold metal. The play of light and shadow produces a fourth dimension, which results in a chair that highlights a space without really filling it up.

Soheimi Chair Karim Mekhtigian
In trying to understand the effect of the mashrabeya as a design element, an inspiration unfolded and the Soheimi Chair came to life. In an attempt to design the intangible, wood is patterned and designed to allow light to pass through and create a play of shadows. Combining an interesting motif with a contemporary form results in a charming and continuously changeable item.

Satellite Collection by Harry & Camila
A lotus flower inspired shape; the Satellite Collection’s curvy soft lines appealingly flow out and connect the elliptical top to the square bottom. The form is natural and welcoming; inviting all to sit down on it. The pouf is a well-proportioned and simultaneously sexy and chic piece of the furniture collection.

H Lounge Seat Christophe Pillet
A dramatic design, the H Lounge Seat is characterized by its overwhelming structure and its sleek finish. Due to the exaggerated height of its back, the chair engulfs whomever it seats with its warm and soft leather interior. Seating within the chair and becoming a part of it, the contrasting nature of the hard/shiny exterior and the leather upholstery this design does not go unnoticed.

Guna Chaise Lounge by Francesco Rota
Sleek lines and smooth surfaces characterize the Guna Chaise Lounge. Think 007, sophisticated objects and high-tech gadgets! The glossy exterior and rich leather upholstery exudes elegance of the most classic kind. The design also has a sexy and suave demeanor perfect for residential and office spaces.

Guna Lounge Chair by Francesco Rota
Similar in its straightforward elegance and sexiness to the Valenka Chaise Lounge, the Guna Lounge Chair has an added simplicity to it. With the same line formation that produces a sleek and smooth effect, this design is made more casual through its function and the addition of a footrest.

Hexagon Table by Francesco Rota
Inspired by Islamic patterns, the Hexagon Table represents these outlines in a
fundamental geometric shape. The nature of the six-sided hexagon allows the table to be usd in a modular way; numerous tables can be grouped together to form larger clusters. Suitable for different settings, the tables come in various versions combining high gloss wood or walnut veneer with color glass tops.

Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living in SoCal. She dreams about funky, artistic jewelry + having enough free time to enjoy some of her favorite things—running, reading, making music, and drawing.