New Furniture from Elliot Bastianon

Elliot Bastianon is an Australian designer who recently debuted new furniture. Each piece is composed of natural, organic wood that gives nod to his roots.

Elliot Bastianon-Persuasion_4

Persuasion is a bench that has been created entirely from one single sheet of folded EchoPanel®. The repeating V-pleat folding pattern gives the bench a strong foundation, and is further reinforced by reclaimed timber beams. Bespoke stainless steel hardware, stiff timber, and the EchoPanel® create a stark contrast between organic and artificial.

Elliot Bastianon-Persuasion_6

Elliot Bastianon-Persuasion_5

Elliot Bastianon-Sliver_1

Traditional Eastern screens are updated with a contemporary material in the Sliver screen. The clean, straight lines of the frame are a nod to history, while a playful geometric pattern strikes a chord of curiosity in the user.

Elliot Bastianon-Sliver_2

Elliot Bastianon-Sliver_7

Elliot Bastianon-Bed_1

Lastly, this bed is a simple and honest piece of furniture at its best. Renovated timber forms the underframe, while the grander headboard is made from a cross section of a Red Gum tree. Clean and unprocessed, its straightforward nature works in any space.

Elliot Bastianon-Bed_5

Elliot Bastianon-Bed_2

Photos by Charlie White.

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