New Leaf Performance Veneers Take Unpredictability Out of the Equation

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New Leaf Performance Veneers Take Unpredictability Out of the Equation
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The warmth of wood, the elegance of a granite slab, the comfort of leather. There’s no denying the beauty and appeal that comes along with these natural materials, yet even nature has its limits. Their beauty can be fragile, easily damaged by daily use and exposure to the environment – they can be inconsistent and unpredictable.

Craftsmen, manufacturers, and designers have been forced to accept these shortcomings for the sake of aesthetics, awaiting innovation that was long overdue. But now there is an entirely new type of groundbreaking material innovation that actually improves on nature by expanding design potential and leaving limitations far behind.

Black Walnut Natural walls and nightstands

Plain Sawn Cherry in Slate sliding doors

New Leaf Performance Veneers have managed to improve on nature itself through their beautifully predictable Performance Veneer surfaces that mimic the beauty, depth, and dimension of wood grain. They’ve removed the question marks from veneer by bringing a level of consistency and performance to the picture that was previously unimaginable. Each New Leaf Performance Veneer surface is an exact replica of an authentic natural veneer, hand-selected for its embodiment of the character and grain of that species and cut. Advanced reproduction technologies and a revolutionary topcoat that refracts light allow for the depth and clarity of the wood to shine through while providing long-lasting protection to the pre-finished veneer.

Unlike traditional veneers that can have noticeable variations in color and grain, each sheet of New Leaf remains consistent with the next. What just might seal the deal is how the designs remain consistent over time, meaning Performance Veneers produced years from now will match those installed today with a beauty that lasts beyond traditional veneers.

Cherry Stone wall panels

Plain Sawn Cherry in Slate doors and drawers

When regularly used in commercial environments, standard veneers are prone to aging quickly with scratches and dents, making doors and furniture look old beyond their years. Moisture exposure can damage surfaces, while exposure to light causes fading and discoloration. New Leaf Performance Veneers are specifically designed to maintain a flawless surface throughout their lifetime, even in the most high traffic environments, making them a perfect solution for commercial architectural doors, hospitality and office furniture, wall panels, and anywhere traditional veneers would be used.

Maple Natural door

Plain Sawn Cherry in Slate door

New Leaf Performance Veneers also feature another important quality – ease of use. Samples are sure to match the final product, unlike traditional veneers that may have extreme differences in grain and even color. In this case, the stain and grade are controlled by the manufacturer rather than the fabricator, meaning sheets of Performance Veneer will match across multiple fabrications. One last thing to mention is how simple it is to make project changes and add-ons, due in part to the above qualities.

Rosewood Natural doors, walls, and countertops

Plain Sawn Cherry in Slate partition

With 37 combinations in all, 10 species and cut combinations, and five stain options, the beautiful predictability of New Leaf reigns supreme over the unpredictable nature of standard veneers. Variations in availability and pricing can impact project design options, schedule, and budget. While different species of woods respond differently to wear and tear, light exposure, and water, New Leaf Performance Veneers maintain the same depth, warmth, and beauty that standard veneer offers while providing you with sheet-to-sheet, order-to-order, year-to-year color and grain consistency. Availability and pricing remain constant, even when accounting for luxury species. With New Leaf’s virtual promise to last and look beautiful for years to come, the decision is all but made for you.

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