No Frills Design where Form Meets Function by _Fjeldborg Design

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No Frills Design where Form Meets Function by _Fjeldborg Design

The small Copenhagen-based studio of _Fjeldborg Design has a smart and practical philosophy behind the products they create. Their goal is to create good design without the designer price tag it often comes with. They focus on incorporating the functional elements into the actual structure of a product instead of creating it around a design’s function. For example, the cords and sockets are part of the overall design. Smart, right?

_Væg Light (first image also)

They do all the designing, producing, assembling, and packaging of their products, which not only ensures quality control, but it keeps the costs down for the consumer. I don’t know about you, but I tend to love something even more knowing that it was made and assembled by hand. It makes each piece special and like a true labor of love.

_Pendel Light

9`eren Candleholder (holds 9 candles)

5`eren Candleholder (holds 5 candles)

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