Noha Brings the Pleasure of Living Into the Office

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Noha Brings the Pleasure of Living Into the Office

Balance is important to every design, and Italian architects Ludovica + Roberto Palomba have a knack for finding it. The duo’s first collaboration with furniture brand Viccarbe happened back in 2007, and now their latest – the Noha collection – has made its debut. With the goal of creating functionality, refinement, and comfort, Noha balances it all with aplomb and high-quality materials.

“Noha is a simple gesture, a pillow folded in the act of providing a comfortable seat, highly versatile, perfectly fitting into both workspaces and beyond. Our broadest and most ambitious range up to date, designed to create inviting and inspiring corporate environments,” Ludovica and Roberto share. “It is a collection aimed at bringing the pleasure of living into the office, so that this space can achieve the levels of hospitality, kindness, and refinement found in a domestic environment. Hence, a simple gesture that also becomes a technical object while maintaining softness, vision, and the sense of warmth that we find in residential settings.”

three styles of office chairs

The Noha Executive chair is the most corporate and sophisticated seating option available in the collection. With smooth lines and a high backrest, it can be specified with or without armrests on a fixed wood base, metal base, or casters. Its design is quite friendly as commercial furniture goes, and it retains a casually professional aesthetic.

two armchairs with a side table and two floor lamps

four chairs and side tables in front of floor to ceiling windows

The sophisticated Noha Lounge chair is also part of the Noha collection, and it’s so comfortable you may forget you’re at the office. Super versatile, it works as well in residential settings as it does in corporate and hospitality. Whether you need to brainstorm, collaborate, or just unwind, the lounge chair is a relaxing place to do it.

sketch of office chair design

room with two large conference tables surrounded by chairs

tables surrounded by four chairs

tables surrounded by seven chairs

four chairs surround a round table

armchair at a desk

large tables surrounded by chairs

three chairs surround a round table

four chairs surround a table

five chairs surround a round table

two chairs and a sofa

eight chairs surround two small occasional tables

detail of two armchairs

detail of two armchairs

light-skinned man and woman dressed in all black

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba \\\ Photo: Enrico Costantini

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