NOVA ISKRA: A Multifunctional Coworking Space for Creatives

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NOVA ISKRA: A Multifunctional Coworking Space for Creatives

Co-working spaces have been popping up all over giving freelancers and creatives another option other than working from home. NOVA ISKRA recently opened in Belgrade, Serbia in hopes of becoming a multifunctioning workspace for people in the field of design, architecture, interior design, and the like, to work independently, as well as together on certain projects.

It took two years to reconstruct and furnish the rundown space with the help of local companies. They enlisted a local architecture firm, Petokraka, to renovate the space for modern use while keeping the rough, original charm the space brought.  There are 18 workstations for designers to use that were designed by Antipod and manufactured by Simpo-Šik, also local companies.

NOVA ISKRA translates to ‘new spark’ and that’s just what this design incubator is as the first of its kind in Serbia. Their hope is to establish connections between the individuals working in the space. The space provides all things necessary that any creative professional might need – photo booth, design library, conference room, modeling workshop, office, and kitchen.

I love the Park lamp that is installed over the entry staircase. It was designed by the architects specifically for the space.

The architects also designed the worktable in the glass cube workshop.

Overall the space is modern mixed with industrial where they’ve created a fine balance of the two.


Inside the conference room

Conference room

Management office

Entry area

Metaklinika Studio was tapped to work on the visual presence of the space with graphic design and identity throughout.

Photos by Relja Ivanić.

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