Objekts: A Collection of Modular, Geometric Wooden Sculptures

05.11.18 | By
Objekts: A Collection of Modular, Geometric Wooden Sculptures

Graphic artist Steven Scicluna of Lefty Le Mur wants to bring out your playful imagination and creativity with Objekts, a collection of modular, geometric wooden sculptures made up of simple shapes and primary colors that evoke the nostalgic memories of playing with wooden blocks and towers.

Each piece in the collection is hand-crafted from start to finish (just watch the process here), meaning no two are ever alike, but each buyer’s collection is unique as Objekts encourages participants to create their own compositions that are equally as unique as any artwork you hang on your walls.

Objekts comes in five distinct models: the Large Objekt, the Small Objekt, the Kubo, the Large Pico and the Small Pico.

Objekts was recently full funded on Kickstarter so be on the lookout when it comes back in stock on Lefty Le Mur.

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