F5: Olga Hanono Shares a Rebellious Garment, a Favorite Playlist + More

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F5: Olga Hanono Shares a Rebellious Garment, a Favorite Playlist + More

For more than 21 years, Mexican-born Olga Hanono has been a leader in interior design with a passion for aesthetics, beautiful objects, and space. She’s known for designing around the world and is passionate about the work she is doing to contribute to wellness in our everyday lifestyle. Much of Olga’s inspiration can be found in her travels to exotic destinations, uniqueness, and glamour. Her innovative design style and playful personality have landed Olga collaborations with some of the world’s top brands, including COMEX, Lladró, and an exhibition with MUNAL in Mexico City. She studied design at Universidad Iberoamericana and Sotheby’s Art Institute of New York, and currently resides in Mexico City and Miami. Olga’s book, The Art of Beautiful Living, was published by Assouline in 2019.

Today, Olga is joining us for Friday Five!

portrait of a light-skinned woman with brown hair wearing a long dress and leather jacket

Olga Hanono

1. Art

Art has been a pivotal source of inspiration in my life. It has been around me all my life and present at the most important moments. I feel connected to it, and I developed a sense of fulfilling my dreams with art. I keep the official book of every art exhibition I visit and love, in order to keep an archived collection for me to revisit anytime in the future.

model wearing black leather motorcycle jacket

Balmain Leather Moto Jacket \\\ Photo courtesy Intermix

2. Leather Biker Jackets

For me it’s a rockstar uniform and a rebellious garment; it’s a classic look and it never goes out of style. I have a huge collection of them and they are my signature look. I just can’t get enough. It’s a perfect accessory and I love the fun and glamour of them.

three mugs with circular handles

Round Handle Mug Big Handle Ceramic Mug \\\ Photo courtesy High Five Naturals

3. Coffee

I can’t begin my day if I don’t have a cup of coffee. My husband finds the top new local coffee spots in every city we travel to and is constantly discovering new coffee shops in our own.

large cement bowl-like structure

Photo: Olga Hanono

4. Travel

I think I could be a very chic travel concierge if I wasn’t designing. I’m usually exploring new adventures: browsing and reading about remote art exhibitions, new restaurants, design hotels, and shops. I’m the person who can give you the best advice on where to go – I even created a speakeasy list for every city I’ve visited.

album cover that reads Joel Lyssarides Stay Now

5. Music

It’s the best way to get inspired for any creative process and meditative state. I love almost every music genre that exists – each one of them are crucial for different activities and moods. Music sets your intention every day. My favorite kind of music is jazz, it’s so sexy and connects with my dreamy side. Here’s a favorite playlist.


Work by Olga Hanono:

styled interior living space

Mexico City \\\ Photo: Alfonso de Bejar

dark styled interior living space

Mexico City \\\ Photo: Alfonso de Bejar

dark styled interior living space

NYC \\\ Photo Frank Lynen

black and white horizontal striped bathroom

Photo: Alfonso de Bejar

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