OLTU By Fabio Molinas
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Industrial designer Fabio Molinas has dreamt up a new concept in refrigerators that aims to keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer periods of time. Storing them in the fridge isn’t always the best place to extend their life so Molinas designed OLTU.


With OLTU, you store your produce in ceramic containers on top where the heat emitted from the fridge keeps your goods at the optimum temperature and humidity. The heat that the fridge expels is just wasted energy, so why not use it to cool the stacked containers by evaporation? The heat rises and reacts with the double walled clay containers and with the help of the water in between those walls, the temperature lowers and creates the perfect environment for your veggies.


More from the designer:

The three containers are positioned so, that the heat affects them differently, to provide a certain inside temperature. The two cold containers are placed at the back, while the fresh one is placed at the front. Cold-dry container interior is made of metal, so the vegetables are cooled, but not affected by humidity. All the containers have external openings to allow breathing, and it is completely accessible for the user thanks to the revolving plane situated at the top.





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