OmieBox: The Healthier Lunch Box for Kids

OmieBox is a new, healthier lunch box that focuses on form and function. A far cry from the typical Dora the Explorer lunch boxes, OmieBox has an innovative design that will transform the way young children eat lunch, emphasizing healthy habits early on.

OmieBox Lunch Box-8

OmieBox is a BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and is made from phthalate-free plastic that comes in a fun, rainbow assortment of colors.

OmieBox Lunch Box-3

OmieBox Lunch Box-2

It has an integrated utensil holder as well as three leak-proof compartments to keep food separate. What’s even more unique about the lunch box is that it has a built-in vacuum insulated bowl, which will keep warm food warm and separate from cold food.

OmieBox Lunch Box-5

OmieBox Lunch Box-6

You can get the OmieBox on Kickstarter until August 20th.

OmieBox Lunch Box-9

OmieBox Lunch Box-4

OmieBox Lunch Box-1

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OmieBox Lunch Box-11

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