Open Source Furniture by Dosuno Design

Dosuno Design has created Opentap, a collection of “open source furniture” that is — in an ideal world — low-cost and anyone can manufacture themselves.

One reason they wanted to do this was “to promote creativity and innovation freely for the betterment of our world.” Their main goals with this collection were to allow access to affordable, sustainable furniture that can be easily distributed and assembled and will stand the test of time.

Therefore, they decided to use pipe as one of the main materials – it lasts many many years, can hold up against water, heat and pressure, and can be easily manipulated and pieced together. Moreover, it’s fairly accessible and affordable. As far as the benefits of using piping is that it’s actually pretty eco-friendly in that it is recyclable, can easily be reused, and may not need the use of adhesives when properly fitted.

The ET 01 shelf model is easily scalable in all directions for an easy adaptation to multiple needs and to any space due to its symmetrical design and construction method. The perforations in the pipes allow the relocation of the shelves themselves. Since the system is kept up by weight and friction while leaning against a wall it requires no permanent fixation, so it’s easy to move it anywhere.

The MT 01 table is assembled without screws or adhesives due the angled cuts in the surface put together with the legs placed at 45 degrees. The 45-degree fitting at the bottom allows for an easy height adjustment that allows it to go from a coffee table to dining table (see below).

The ST 03 chair is based on a popular weaving technique widely used in most regions of Dosuno’s home country of Columbia. It requires no technical skills or specialized tools. This solution also generates a multitude of customization options (due to the existence of an ample color catalog in the woven materials) that would suit the personal tastes of users. This aspect of customization creates a great advantage for the user since they can adapt the furniture to their personal taste and transform it easily.

At this point, Dosuno Design is trying to get the word out about their open source idea. For this project to truly achieve its goal, an online platform still needs to be developed along with other means of distribution that could reach those who truly could benefit with such assistance. So we’re here to spread the word!

The power of many: As far as design the issue is the same. The whole point of presenting this as an open source platform originates in the fact that we understand that the altruistic contributions no matter how small they might be are the main key into an exponential development of the technique. We can only go so far, and our knowledge is limited to our unique set of experiences, so we believe that in order for an idea to truly serve all it must be developed by all.

Images via Dosuno Design and

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