ORL Clinic by Mal-Vi Architects
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The ORL Clinic by Mal-Vi Architects, located in Thessaloniki (Greece), was designed for a surgeon new to the area who wanted a memorable office space, much different than you would expect to see from the average doctor.

The partition that separates the medic’s office and exam room from the reception space and waiting room is flexible, derived from the form of an acoustic wave (a reference to the practitioner’s field of specialty). The wooden sculptural surfaces were created using medium-density fiberboard and offer a nice contrast to the rest of the space, left mostly white. The main waiting room’s walls are decorated with the Hippocratic oath, with some of its most important words standing out in laser-cut acrylic glass.

Location: Kalamaria, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Type: Healthcare
Size: 90 square metres (970 square feet)
Project: 2011
Lighting Design: Glights
Green Space Design: Vitaverde
Photography: Giorgio Papadopoulos

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