Oupio Sculpts Glass, Wood, and Metal Into Light and Sound

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Oupio Sculpts Glass, Wood, and Metal Into Light and Sound

With the spectral appearance of a large floating eyeball, the spherical and sculptural Oupio serves dual purposes as an internet-connected lighting solution and wireless audio speaker contained with a minimalist expression of glass, wood, and metal.

Within the Oupio twenty 1-watt LEDs are capable of producing a peak intensity of 2000 lumens, with a temperature range engineered to simulate sunset yellow (2700K) all the way to white light similar to the midday sun (6000K).

Oupio founder, designer, and former architect Vlad Iorgulescu cites the experimental science of neuroaesthetics – the combinations aesthetics and psychology in service of “perception, production, and response to art, as well as interactions with objects and scenes that evoke an intense feeling, often of pleasure” – as a guiding principle for designing an object reactive to human needs such as mood and health.

“And while current technologies offer a vast array of functionality, they also create a vast array of clutter,” says Iorgulescu, “So we also need hybrid products, with mixed functionality, that merge tech with interior design principles and, as a result, seamlessly integrate in any home environment.”

Complementary to the Oupio’s lighting is a wireless audio speaker system (via Bluetooth and also with an audio-in port). Sound is produced with a Balance Mode Radiator (explanation about BMR illustrated here), a compact single driver technology capable of expanding the “sweet spot” evenly throughout a room and covering a wide range of frequencies (65Hz to 20KHz). A single or two finger touch interface controls light and audio with intuitive gestures:

  • Tap to Play / Pause or turn the light On / Off
  • Touch and Hold modifies the light color (this function only affects light)
  • Swipe Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise to adjust either the volume of the music or the intensity of the light

The Oupio is crafted from wood (oak, ash or cork) with white opal glass, and anodized aluminum.

Up to five units can be grouped together using a dedicated low-latency WiFi network, and the option to hang them from overhead offers versatile placement.

Finally, app integration not only permits users to adjust brightness or change audio volume, the option to set an alarm could make the Oupio the best looking bedside, light-based alarm clock available. More information about pre-ordering an Oupio available here.

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