Our House Gets Sketched Up
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When we discussed starting a column to document the process of nesting in our new digs, Jaime said she wanted to post pictures and designs for what we wanted the rooms to be before we actually did any work. She insisted nicely, as she sometimes does, that I learn how to use Google SketchUp. (Note from Jaime: This is all Morgan’s fault because she makes so many pretty sketches.)

I downloaded the program and watched a quick tutorial. Then, I just started messing around. Needless to say, I got really frustrated and stopped using it. Thankfully, Jaime has a friend — also named Jamie — who was gracious enough to show me a couple of things. Now, I kind of have the hang of SketchUp. So, thanks to Google, Jamie, and a little perseverance -– here’s what I have been able to “sketch up”… behold, the digital version of our house:

The house is about 2,920 square feet according to the appraisal. It’s three bedrooms, three baths on .65 acres with an oversized 1-car garage (maybe 1.5?). There’s a family room in which I will hang my new TV. There is also a living room, dining room and eat-in kitchen all of which have abundant lighting thanks to the back part of the house being mostly glass. Did I mention that there is a family room where I’ll hang my new TV?!

As you can see, the color scheme gives the house a somewhat Asian feel. While it looks great, we are pondering some changes to make the house more in tune with our design vibe. The greatest part of SketchUp is we’re able to try out our ideas on the house in cyberspace before removing the first piece of siding. Hopefully, you can help us figure out what we should do.

We’ll have real photos soon enough, but in the meantime, we hope these do the trick.