Outfitting the Modern Office: Hightower’s 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

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Outfitting the Modern Office: Hightower’s 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

There are modern offices that boast of bean bag chairs, ping pong tables and perpetually full snack drawers. Then, there are the new modern offices that are thoughtful in design, addressing the nuances of different work settings, and providing options for their employees to create their own workspace — one that actually suits their needs. These are the kind of offices that Hightower, a U.S.-based contract furniture company strives to help create. The company is celebrating 15 years as a leading ancillary furniture manufacturer and, with their Spring/Summer 2018 collection, they have added even more smartly designed office furniture, fixtures, and accessories.

Natalie Hartkopf, co-founder of Hightower says:

We listen to our community. We learn from each other. We respond through design.

For the common fidgeter, you can put away your fidget spinner. The new Gimbal High Back Rocker and Low Lounge Rocker were designed by Most Modest to expel just enough movement to boost productivity while you work (it’s been found that subtle movement can help boost focus, memory, and attention). Designed by San Francisco neighbor Most Modest, the Gimbal hugs you in with its down-filled pillows and offers support with its foam inserts. The rocker is available with an ottoman and an optional cushioned headrest (you know, for the occasional YouTube break). A chair that offers comfort and boosted productivity is sure to be one taken before 8am.

Also designed by Most Modest, the Breck collection of benches fits into workspaces that have an open-ended environment. For a quick place to check your email or hold quick, casual meetings, these pill-shaped upholstered benches provide table support or, with the added seat pads, a place for individual work.

Justin Champaign, founder & principal designer at Most Modest shares:

The goal for Most Modest designs is that they can stand alone but also blend with a wide range of furniture pieces to create an eclectic, diverse aesthetic. I think this is especially true with the latest Hightower launch.

Ribbon is an accent table that you’ll find delightful once you notice the details. Perfect as a side or coffee table, the Ribbon is lightweight and designed to be nested if needed. This means you can quickly and easily create your own environment for team meetings or just pull one away for individual work.

A Nordic-inspired design, the Nest Collection by Swedish design studio Form Us with Love now includes a solid oak table that’s available in six different sizes and chairs with the same solid oak base. The natural material adds a warmth to the office and the various sizes allow people to create meeting spaces or single workstations.

Copenhagen-based studio GamFratesi captures movement and translates it into a physical shape with the Suspence, a new fixture to the Hightower lighting collection. The shape of the lamp is literally created by pulling and the tension of the movement can be seen at the tip of the lamp. The monochromatic style of the lamp extends from cord to shade with its matching colors and the infinity diffuser at the bottom casts an elegant, unobtrusive glow.

All offices are different – whether it’s in dimensions, layout or square footage – which means that all workspaces are different. What’s needed from this unknown is an adaptable accessory that’s flexible and portable so that employees can carve out their own space when needed. That’s where the Focus comes in. A textile space divider designed by Swedish design studio Zilenzio, the Focus is available as a floor screen to create new configurations in the office or as a table screen to create a personal zone.

Zilenzio also designed the Timber, a minimalist, sound-absorbing modular system that helps to dampen the sound in an open office setting. With its various colors and sizes, offices can create anything from classic, monochromatic wall paneling to bold and colorful wall designs.

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