Paww Pick Pocket Leash/Collar Pouch

Springtime (yesssss!) means it’s time for more walks, hikes, and doggie social events, in other words, lots of leash time. The freshly redesigned Pick Pocket Pouch from Paww (say that five times fast) is designed to make leash time easier by providing a secure stash for poop bags, cash, car keys, and the like. Designed with universal attachments to fit any rope or webbing collar or leash, the convenient zip pouch (in both small and large sizes) lets you keep your pertinents nearby without dragging you down. Available in five colors, the Pick Pocket can coordinate with any collar/leash combo, including Paww’s own Secret Agent Leash and Collar. An extra cool feature: The large Pick Pocket even has an elastic loop that can hold a safety light, carabiner, or used poop bag. Pick one up at Paww or Amazon.





Katherine, who lives with her family in the mountains of North Carolina, curated her own dog blog for a couple of years before joining the Design Milk team. If she ever won the lottery, she’d most definitely spend it all on live music & airfare to New York City. Other interests include craft beer, banjos, books, & BBQ.