Peninsula Furniture Attempts to Bridge the Gap Between Disposable and Custom

08.22.19 | By
Peninsula Furniture Attempts to Bridge the Gap Between Disposable and Custom

Just launched Melbourne-based sustainable furniture brand Peninsula started off with two goals in mind: to fill the gap between disposable and custom furniture and to one day have a carbon neutral footprint.

Furniture designer Jake Williamson decided to create a solution to what he saw lacking in the mid-range furniture market, viewing Peninsula as “a furniture brand for those ready to upgrade from IKEA, but who aren’t ready to fork out thousands for a custom-made dining table. For those who appreciate good design and want to buy something that’s locally-made from sustainable timber, but can’t afford what’s currently on the market in those categories.”

Williamson uses 100% Australian and FSC-certified wood, currently offsetting part of his carbon footprint through the Plant-A-Tree program. Using a CNC machineto cut wood and other materials to exact shapes and dimensions, he’s able to reduce labor costs and make Peninsula’s furniture more affordable overall.

Currently Peninsula has two pieces in its collection, both made from Tasmanian oak and feature a bevelled edge door pull – a sideboard and a bedside table that comes in three sizes. We’re definitely looking forward to what comes next!

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