PhoebeSayswow Architects Designs a 33-Square-Meter Flat in Taipei

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PhoebeSayswow Architects Designs a 33-Square-Meter Flat in Taipei

PhoebeSayswow Architects Ltd. were brought on to create a 33-square meter (approx. 355-square-feet) flat as a prototype unit to show how smartly one could live in a large city like Taipei. The XS House might be modest in size, but it’s cleverly designed and arranged with everything one might need.

The cohesive design utilizes birch wood juxtaposed with clean white walls and elements that make it pop. Another main material is square white tiles that are paired with cherry pink grout for an unexpected pop.

The simple kitchen cabinets transition into closet space in the bedroom above and to square shelves on the raised level in between. A moveable ladder connects the main space to the bedroom level and three stairs join the kitchen and living room while doubling as seating. The three layers allow for easy conversation between multiple people scattered about the interior.

Most loft bed areas are pretty dark with not a lot of head room but this one allows the average person to stand up.

Photography bt Hey!Cheese.

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