A Drinkware Set Inspired By Gestures

There are few moments in life that are as elegant as enjoying a jolting cup of coffee or soothing cup of tea. This everyday moment can instantly become a little more elevated with the right drinkware, like this set entitled PINCH.


Inspired by ancient clay oil lamps on a trip in Bahrain, Bradley L. Bowers designed this cup and saucer duo to take form after the idea of gestures. You lift a saucer and pinch a cup. The relationship between the gesture and the product is simple but the result is beautiful, much like those oil lamps that inspired PINCH.





Though it may look simple enough, the process took over two years of clay mock-ups, 3D prints and materials samples. Middle Kingdom Porcelain was brought in to develop a matte porcelain “recipe” that would highlight the forms and curves of the products. Each set is also meticulously hand-sculpted by MK’s skilled artisans.


If PINCH seems like your cup of tea (or cup of joe!), you can purchase it here.


Photos by Pablo Serrano.

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