Platform: A Line of Bathroom Accessories by Brad Ascalon for pba

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Platform: A Line of Bathroom Accessories by Brad Ascalon for pba

Designer Brad Ascalon teamed up with pba on a collection of bathroom accessories that aims to up your bathroom’s ambience. The beauty of Platform is that it could work within any environment, whether it be a home, restaurant, hotel, office, etc. The set of five pieces is simple, yet sculptural fulfilling a functional need, while also upping the awesomeness of your bathroom.


Platform is the first time pba has worked with an American design firm, adding a fresh approach to the company’s current collection.


The pieces are made of nylon and the collection includes: a soap dish, tumbler holder, wall toilet paper roll holder, spare toilet paper roll holder, and toilet brush set. Platform comes in white, biscuit, light yellow, yellow, light blue, blue, grey, green, red, and black.





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