Polymorph Chair Combines Two Design Concepts into One Chair

07.06.17 | By
Polymorph Chair Combines Two Design Concepts into One Chair

In his latest project, Philipp Aduatz chooses to combine two different design concepts into one sculptural piece. After taking a dive into design history, Aduatz discovered there were two basic ideas – one being minimalist, linear, and with functional shapes, while the other involving organic, spherical forms that were inspired by nature. Generally those concepts would compete against each other and wouldn’t work together in a single design but the Polymorph Chair manages to harmoniously realize them.

In ancient Greek, ‘poly’ translates to ‘many’ while ‘morphé’ means ‘shape’, which is how Aduatz arrived at the Polymorph name, with its combination of concepts.

Polymorph began as a sketch, then a computer model was rendered with the approximate number of section layers determined. Those layers were then CNC cut and stack laminated before being hand carved without any computer assistance. The chair was created in cherry wood which was finished with oil and polished for a semi-gloss surface.

The Polymorph Chair launched at ICFF 2017 during NYCxDesign.

Photos © by Georg Molterer.

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