Pop Chart Lab: Turning Data into Art

What happens when a book editor and a graphic designer partner up? Magic of course. Meet Patrick Mulligan and Ben Gibson, the co-founders of Pop Chart Lab. Their one goal for this cool on-line shop was to create products that could translate human experience into chart form. But not just boring charts, beautifully designed infographics that you want to frame and hang on your wall as art.


Their current team includes a small group of researchers and designers who arrange cultural data into ‘meaningful works of art’.

A Visual Compendium of Sneakers
Works of art like this collection of 134 of the greatest sneakers. The charting begins with Chuck Taylors in 1917, some Adidas designs, Air Jordans and skater shoes like Vans and Etnies. Each illustrated sneakers features detailed designs of the brand logos and colors.

Pop Chart Lab’s infographics not only feature fun pop-culture content, but really great design as well. This sneaker graphic layout features the rule of grids with beautiful illustrations of each sneaker, making this “chart” truly a work of art.


The Evolution of Bicycles Puzzle
Why buy a boring puzzle that you want nothing to do with once you’ve completed it…? What’s better is a puzzle that pieces together an image so cool, you want to frame it. Like this grid-style bicycle infographic.

When completed, this five hundred piece puzzle will illustrate seventy eight bicycles and cover their history from 1780 to the present.


Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names
If you’re a rap fan who loves cool design, then this poster is for you. This complex infographic, displayed in an awesome color palette, features 282 monikers from the world of rap. They’re organized and arranged according to semantics. Instead of using the grid format, this infographic plays on color, white space and geometrics.


CMYK Printing Coasters
Something else Pop Chart Lab does brilliantly, is take ordinary household accessories and give them a design-savvy spin. These translucent acrylic coasters are a perfect gift for any designer in your life. There’s one coaster for each color of the CMYK model.

See more of their work here.

Images from Pop Chart Lab.

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