Porthole Shelving System Both Works and Plays
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Although initially designed to house vinyl records, we think you’ll find the Porthole Shelving System by furniture design brand Phloem Studio useful for any number of purposes. Using a grid pattern to separate your favorite music genres, or whatever else you like, the system also features a repetitive “porthole” that allows for the play of light and shadow. The Porthole Shelving System is available in two sizes, 2X5 (two tiers of shelving with five partitions) and 1X5 (one tier of shelving with five partitions) and is also fully customizable. The system is built using domestic hardwoods, and is perfect for your home or office.

Designer and craftsperson, Benjamin Klebba, creates timeless contemporary furniture from Phloem’s base in the Pacific Northwest using natural materials, traditional joinery, and graceful proportions. The brand’s name is even a nod to nature, phloem (floh-em) is the vascular structure in plants that provides nutrients through photosynthesis.

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