F5: Prasoon Shrivastava On His Hometown, How He Centers Himself + Speed

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F5: Prasoon Shrivastava On His Hometown, How He Centers Himself + Speed

Prasoon Shrivastava is Founder and CEO of Prasoon Design Studio, a new-age architecture and design firm with headquarters in Dubai and an office in India. With a background in construction and sustainability, Prasoon is an architect, an entrepreneur, and a storyteller. It’s his curiosity that’s guided the firm’s design approach since 2020. Individuals are encouraged to create architectural narratives connecting buildings to their community and context.

Prasoon Design Studio specializes in hospitality, residential, commercial, retail, and institutional projects. They deliver concepts rooted in environmental mindfulness, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and bio-climatic design to formulate architectural solutions. Under Prasoon’s guidance, the firm approaches each project as a marriage of art and conscience, with an end goal of optimizing market and environmental viability. The company strives to produce ethical architectural stories that encourage public interaction through form, function, and materiality.

Today, Prasoon is joining us for Friday Five!

brown-skinned man with salt and pepper hair wearing a black button up shirt and blue plaid blazer while looking at the camera

Prasoon Shrivastava

two brown-skinned men in conversation

Photo: Team Yap

1. Atul Hegde

Atul is my dear friend, mentor, and guide. From business to family and everything in between, he is someone that I often look to for guidance. There is no greater pleasure than being in the company of people who inspire and bring out the best in others. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to look very far.

large waterfall descending through rocky shores

Dhuandhar Falls \\\ Photo: Shutterstock

2. My Hometown

I often venture back to my hometown, Jabalpur, for respite. I love its clear air, ample space for reflection, the nostalgia it brings back, and its mysterious spirituality. It has been the source of a lot of personal growth, and each trip invigorates me with energy that I am able to channel into my business and my life.

dark image of person squatting to lift up weights

Photo: Victor Freitas

3. Workouts

“It’s simple. Do it.”- Dwayne Johnson

The everyday stress of being an entrepreneur can quickly get out of hand. Working out regularly helps me counter that. Exercising in the morning helps set the mood and the energy for the entire day. It helps me focus better and maintain a creative thought process, which assists greatly in problem solving and innovative thinking. Even with frequent work trips in different time zones, working out is one thing that adds consistency to my routine.

light-skinned man with dark hair wearing a white button up shirt and black blazer looking at the camera

Photo courtesy The Royal Society

4. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a transformational leader who dares to dream big and achieve bigger. I admire his resolve to accomplish what no one ever has. Also, what he has been able to accomplish with EVs and SpaceX. It shows a lot of grit in character and reaffirms the fact that if you work hard enough with the right vision, anything is possible. In fact, I am currently reading a book on him right now and definitely hoping to take a page or two from it.

rear of black sports car against black background

Photo: Albin Berlin

5. Cars

I’m a sucker for fast cars! I appreciate the celebration of speed in this fast-paced world.


Work by Prasoon Shrivastava:

overhead shot of a large building surrounded by lush landscaping and greenery

Anichi Resort & Spa is a one-of-a-kind Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel. Located on Dominica’s picturesque Picard Beach, this 12-acre eco-chic project fuses the unique attributes of the Autograph Collection with a sophisticated, tasteful design that embodies and celebrates the resilient essence of Dominica. \\\ Photo courtesy Prasoon Design Studio

large skyscraper with partially twisted design structure

The Clonet, a proposed mixed-use development in Saudi Arabia, comprises two sprawling 300-meter and 250-meter high towers. The forms for the towers are an amalgamation of opposing forces – defined geometries and irregular shapes. The façade is expressed as regular geometry reoriented on the cartesian plane, gradually twisting the central axis in a fluid motion while reorienting back to its original position. \\\ Photo courtesy Prasoon Design Studio

tall building with lots of greenery growing on each side

Treescraper combines enclosed infrastructure with nature, creating a habitable ecological space. This ideology is based upon providing green terraces and open areas to all users, not just to the ones connected to the ground. \\\ Photo courtesy Prasoon Design Studio

multi-level residential building with glass balconies, many windows, and pool

This ultra-luxe villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, justifies the surrounding natural landscape, affording palatial views from every angle. With both a modern and minimalist perspective, the bold geometric impositions bring the awe-evoking complexity and exclusivity for an elegant inhabitant experience. Photo courtesy Prasoon Design Studio

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