Presenting the 2023-2024 A’ Design Award & Competition Winners

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Presenting the 2023-2024 A’ Design Award & Competition Winners

The winners of the prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition have been unveiled! This year’s roster highlights a remarkable array of global designers and the competition has truly showcased the best in over 100 categories of design, demonstrating the vast potential and versatility of the contest. As design enthusiasts and advocates for forward-thinking creativity, we’re highlighting 15 winners who have particularly impressed us with their projects.

For those who missed out on this year’s competition, don’t worry – next year’s contest is already open for entries! This is your chance to submit a design concept, prototype, or completed project for consideration. With so many award categories, there’s a perfect fit for every design discipline. The benefits of entering are numerous, including the chance to win a unique trophy, gain international press coverage, and earn a spot in the world design rankings. Moreover, every submission receives a free preliminary evaluation, giving you valuable insight into how your design might fare in the competition. So, why wait? Learn more about the competition, register, and start your journey towards recognition and success in the world of design. Your innovative ideas could be the next to shape the future!

To see a full list of the 2023-2024 A’ Design Award winners, visit Register for the 2024-2025 competition here!

Now, onto some standout winning projects from the 2023-2024 A’ Design Awards & Competition:

Modern interior with a colorful circular carpet, white walls, an orange curved ceiling, and a staircase with black railings

Espressionismo Floreale Rugs by Laura Niubo

A collection of modern coffee tables in various colors displayed on white shelving units

Bernice Coffee Table by Yu Ren 2

geometric lamps in vibrant colors resembling houses, neatly arranged on a soft-lit background

Cinqueterre Multifunctional Table Lamp by Francesco Cappuccio

Curved wooden console in a minimalist room with a white backdrop and a small tray on top

Infinity Console by Cesare Arosio

grey and blue modular sofa on wooden floor in front of white wall

Brera Modular Sofa by Dima Loginov

Two whimsical floor lamps with spiral red and yellow bases, and green and orange lampshades hanging in an empty room with a plain wall and floor

Helix Lamp by Jun Wang

Gloved hands adjusting modern pendant lights with transparent glass covers and visible light bulbs against a dark background

Bangkok Pendant Lamp by Alexey Danilin

Three modern chairs with cylindrical cushions on metal frames, displayed in a minimalistic setting with two on wall mounts and one on a cylindrical pedestal

Dango Multifunctional Folding Chair by Nora Voon

Three modern table lamps with metallic bases and frosted glass shades in white, amber, and smoke colors, displayed on a reflective surface against a dark background

Spirito Table Lamp by Alexey Danilin

Modern round coffee table made of textured material, featuring a rotating top with ribbed pattern, a vase with branches, and a magazine, placed in a minimalistic room with beige flooring

Arkhe Furniture Collection by Fulden Topaloglu

Modern wooden chair with a green striped cushion against a textured gray wall and a lush green ivy panel

Stagione Transformative Chair by Nikolaos Karintzaidis

Modern outdoor furniture featuring a sleek metal and wood design, surrounded by lush greenery in a tranquil forest setting

Accent Item Lighting Furniture by Yu Ren

A wooden chair featuring a modern, sculptural design with a prominent, curved backrest and a smaller, connected side seat, set against a plain background

Alskar Lounge Chair by Danwei Zhao

A wooden bookshelf with a curved design, holding various books, houseplants, and decorative items against a white background

Hone Shelf by Pablo Vidiella

Five transparent, colored murano glass lamps arranged on stone steps, casting vivid shadow patterns in sunlight

Tau Murano Small Table by Tulczinsky

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