Presenting: Winners of the 2023 L A M P Competition

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Presenting: Winners of the 2023 L A M P Competition

As the exclusive media partner for the L A M P 2023 International Lighting Design Competition, we’re excited to announce this year’s winning designs! This year’s contest garnered submissions from 110+ cities from 40+ countries, and the designers and their work were juried by Rakumba, Atelier Areti, and the L A M P co-founding partners. The winners of each overall category (Student, Professional, and Manufactured), as well as the winners of each subcategory, are listed below. Congratulations to all!

pair of vertical wood lamps

Student Overall / Floor: Inside by Shevtsova Anastasia (Moscow, Russian Federation)

The floor lamp “Inside” invites you on a journey through the world of sensations and immerses you in a flow of thoughts, detached from everyday life. It is about internal dialogue, the depth of relationships with oneself and the surrounding world, and personal space.

table lamp on desk

Student Portable: Taut by Lieyah Dagan (Los Angeles, California)

Taut is a lamp designed to be played with and changed. Its two-part design features a flexible flat sheet that can be inserted into a pronged base in different ways to create a variety of lamp shade forms and lighting effects. The shade is held in place through tension, making it easy to customize.

two people adjusting pendant lamp

Student Pendant/Sconce (tie): Hortus by Ka Wai Yuen (Hong Kong)

This innovative DIY design set offers fresh opportunities for users to nurture, engage, and revive their intimacy. The lampshade’s wooden structure, free of glue, allows users to weave rattan-shaped fabric onto the frame, creating personalized lampshades. The kit includes flower and bird- shaped magnets and cards, enabling users to infuse sentiments and memories, and fostering shared experiences with their partners.

pendant lamp over black console

Student Pendant/Sconce (tie): Material Objects: PS/PND by Rachel McGovern (Los Angeles, California)

The PS/PND pendant showcases the common yet structurally supportive perforated sheet in collaboration with electrical braided sleeving. Used for general wire management, bundling and identification. The braided sleeving is now used to deform a single LED strip to create a dynamic weaving of light, color and pattern.

white portable lamp

Student Portable (tie): – Mellow by María del Mar González (Almería, Spain)

Mellow is a small portable outdoor lamp designed for a dinner with family or friends in a garden, park or beach. Since the light is emitted around but not upwards, it allows to illuminate the table and the environment without invading the visual field while having a relaxed conversation.

table lamps on white desk

Student Portable (tie): Lume by Chris Jing (China)

Lume is a family of lamps to elevate the coffee-drinking experience. Lume gives people a relaxing mood, sitting quietly beside that cup of coffee. Lume Outdoor is used within coffee stores, and Lume Home is a premium collectible to bring the coffee experience home. They share the exact same lighting unit. The design challenges are incorporating LEDs into a small space and achieving convenient recharging purposes.

white pendant lamp with star patterns

Student Outdoor: Starfall by Haoda Ma (Los Angeles, California)

Starfall pendant works with wind to create memorable starry night effects. The inner perforated brass tube projects starry light effects onto the outer recycled polyethylene tube. The inner tube is fixed in place, while the outer tube hangs from the top of the light fixture and moves subtly and elegantly with the breeze. The subtle movement in the outer tube allows the star projection to flow, creating a magical and transforming starry night, while the downlight provides a steady light source for general usage.

white sculptural lamp

Professional Overall: Minima by PatkauProducts: John Patkau, Zachary Morris (Vancouver, Canada)

The name Minima tells the story of the surface. We developed it through many experiments of stretching, bending, restraining, pulling, warping, and frequently destroying various materials. The complex form that emerged is the minimum 3D surface between 2D curves. It is internally static, manufacturable, and visually dynamic.

minimalist slanted table lamp

Professional Table: Spire by Aris Rubio / Aris Studio) (Banyoles / Spain)

Spire’s design moves away from the traditional ecological product and seeks new alternatives to over-exploited materials such as wood. It is designed to simplify processes and can be made from different materials, such as recycled aluminium, which is presented in indefinitely reusable tubes to reduce the carbon footprint.

pendant lamp next to table with orange soda

Professional Pendant/Sconce: Trapeze by Eric Kirwin (Toronto, Canada)

Trapeze is a fixture that captures suspense. A dance between the pull of the anchor, and the push of the body delivers a sense of kinetic wonder and visual gratification. A moment of tension delivers a composition of stillness and precarity. Physical properties are carefully juggled to capture a precise relationship between gravity, resistance, and resolution.

white sculptural lamp

Professional Floor (tie): Minima by PatkauProducts: John Patkau, Zachary Morris (Vancouver, Canada)

three white sculptural floor lamps

Professional Floor (tie): SONIAH by Victoria Yakusha / Faina Design (Kyiv, Ukraine)

SONIAH from Ukrainian ‘soniah’ means a sunflower. Highly appreciated on Ukrainian land from where comes the author of the collection, a sunflower serves as the main symbol rebirthed in the form of the objects. Primitive Soniah floor lamps stem from the ground stretching their tall sculptural stalks up to the sky.

two white and wood table lamps on black desk next to window

Professional Portable (tie): Cosmos by Myrto Grigori (New York City, NYC)

Cosmos lamps serve as an evocative representation of the theory that the universe is shaped like a donut or a torus. The central axis and two vortices on either end constantly cycle energy and information, while anything introduced into the vortex will continuously cycle around the torus in an endless loop.

blue and red table lamp

Professional Portable (tie): Hero by Gabriele Cappelletti (Carimate, Italy)

Hero is a portable lamp designed for kids. One of the primary goals of the Hero lamp is to ignite child’s imagination. By resembling the shape of a superhero, the lamp becomes a source of inspiration, encouraging kids to create their own stories and adventures. Hero is designed to be more than just a lamp; it’s meant to be a source of comfort and security for children.

grey table lamp with transparent disc

Manufactured Overall / Table: Spegla Mirror Lamp by Jochen Lavéno Mangelsdorff (Stockholm, Sweden)

The two-sided Spegla Mirror Lamp is based on a specific mirror glass that is not completely opaque. The result is an interior object that acts as a mirror when the lamp behind the circular glass sheet isn’t lit.

woman next to three pendant lights

Manufactured Pendant/Sconce: X lamp by Hassene Jeljeli, JK lighting, JK design SARL (Tunis, Tunisia)

X lamp is the result of a project to create a square monolithic lamp by assembling parts from a single material. The collection consists of three table lamps and three smaller pendant lamps, with the aim of producing as minimal waste as possible. The heart of these lamps is made of Tunisian plywood, a very banal material in Tunisia, and the idea was to ennoble it. The light is diffused upwards and spreads warmly through the translucent marble.

textile lamp on brown table

Acoustic: Illumiknotti by Alicia Tam Wei (New York, NYC)

“ILLUMIKNOTTI” seamlessly intertwines form, function, style and sustainability. Warm globes of light are wrapped within soft, inviting knotted forms. Offered in both pendant and table lamp styles, the knit forms are based on mathematical concepts such as torus knots and Borromean rings. Produced using a machine-knit technique, our designs harness mathematics to push the boundaries of conventional production methods to create sound-absorbing soft sculptures with embedded lighting elements.

tabe lamp on wooden shelf

People’s Choice Manufactured (tie): Helios by Studio Zoran Strijbosch (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Drawing from ancient concepts, “Helios” pays homage to light’s circular dance. This design invites interaction, allowing you to play with light’s intensity by moving the sphere. Just as Helios shaped the sun’s path, you become the one who controls the brightness, creating a captivating dance of light.

hand turning on blue faucet lamp

People’s Choice Manufactured (tie): Faucet by Blanca Codina (Barcelona, Spain)

The Faucet Lamp pours light instead of water. This luminous object preserves the curved silhouette of a faucet employing it for a different purpose. Functioning as a lamp further allows the faucet-shaped item to be displaced from its usual location in the kitchen or bathroom to other rooms in the home space. This lamp is part of a series of explorations into how existing forms can be employed for different functions, aiming to create new conversations around everyday objects.

wooden table lamp on night stand

People’s Choice Professional: PlankNPlay by Thalis Nicolaou Studio (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Plank N’ Play is an innovative flat-pack lamp that seamlessly merges form and function. Our primary goal was to reimagine lighting design, focusing on sustainability and user engagement. Plank N’ Play challenges convention by harmonizing a natural wood receiver with a contemporary painted-finish base, highlighting material contrast.

hand holding a blue table lamp next to a book and cup and mug

People’s Choice Student: Pepper by Alessa Joanna Grotz and Franziska Antonia Hammer / STUDIO LESSONI (Germany)

Pepper is designed with the intention of creating a portable luminaire that allows atmospheric and functional light. The user is able to adjust the lighting situation by rotating the shell for direct or indirect lighting and the possibility to dim mechanically. The luminaire wraps the room into a soft light by indirect wallwashing, but also offers the option for a direct reading light, which makes it the perfect bedroom lighting.

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