Prettypegs Launches Customizable Tops for Their Furniture Legs

12.28.16 | By
Prettypegs Launches Customizable Tops for Their Furniture Legs

Prettypegs is the Swedish company best known for their clever line of customizable legs that transform any piece of IKEA furniture. Not to rest on their laurels, the brand is back with a new collection, Tops on Pegs, that explores tops to go with their line of legs. Meaning, no IKEA products are needed.


The collection consists of tops in various shapes and colors that can be paired with their existing series of legs to make dining tables, desks, coffee tables, side tables, or benches. Their online 3D Tops+Pegs Combinator lets you customize whichever piece of furniture you selected to make with the option to order it. Whatever options you choose, you’ll end up with a minimalistic piece of Scandinavian-style furniture that doesn’t break the bank.



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