Prunella Handmade Vegan Dog Soap

When it comes to grooming products for my dogs (and for myself), I like the idea of keeping things as simple and natural as possible (although, of course we have the $30 bottle of special medicated soap from the vet from when somedog decided to get a crazy skin rash issue). Prunella’s dog soap, which is handmade/handmilled in Portland, Oregon, contains all-natural, vegan ingredients, making it super safe and certainly dog-friendly.

With effective yet gentle, natural ingredients like olive oil, tea tree oil, oatmeal and peppermint oil, Prunella’s dog soap (available in Peppermint & Tea Tree and Lemongrass & Tea Tree) would probably treat those pesky skin issues way better than that $30 bottle of chemicals. Plus, do you see that “stumptown organic holler mountain ground coffee beans” up there in that ingredients list? I don’t think I even know what that means, but I’m pretty sure I like the sound of every word.

You can grab a bar or two at Prunella’s Etsy shop. (And yes, there’s people soap, too!)

[sniffed out at Miss Moss]

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