Record House Revisited by David Jameson
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David Jameson Architect, based in Alexandria, Virgina, completed Record House, which is located in Owings Mills, Maryland, last year. However, the original house was built more than four decades earlier, and when the original owners sold, they did so on the condition that the new owners, a young couple, would respect the character of the project. They were, however, able to open up the interior and make some renovations without disturbing the architectural elements of the original home.

The original brick fireplace was left intact. Notice the skylight ring through which it rises; it’s also an original element.

A glass entry node links together a public and private pavilion.

A better view of the fireplace skylight.

The quarter-sawn casework and flat-sawn flooring employ walnut in a Chiascuro manner, creating bold contrasts to the existing white painted brick walls and plaster ceiling.

The kitchen countertops are Corian, juxtaposing a smoothness to the textural brick and plaster.

The floor to ceiling windows keep the house visually connected to the wooded site.

Photos by Paul Warchol Photography.

Marni Elyse Katz is a Contributing Editor at Design Milk. She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot.